The Hidden Bend

ISBN-10: 0996559531
ISBN-13: 978-0996559539

The Hidden Bend Cover

Nastasiya, a Ukrainian mother flying to New York to collect her daughter’s remains; Piers, an English stockbroker tempting death on a fog-bound road; a young soldier waking in a post-revolutionary Asian city all find themselves on the threshold of a new beginning.

After a long civil war the soldier returns home to his land and his family and starts a new life only to find that his personal hopes are in conflict with the new country he has helped create.

Despite losing her principal reason for living, Nastasiya struggles through the consuming bitterness of her daughter’s death to heal her grief and reclaim a purpose to her life.

Piers is searching for something, or someone to fill the gap within himself. If he could grasp exactly what he wanted, would it make the riddle of his existence easier to solve?

Adversity fuses their individual journeys. Their personal battles and experiences echo the qualities we all share. The differences between the soldier, mother, and businessman dissolve as they navigate the hidden bends fortune has dealt them.

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©Copyright Guy Cranswick. All Rights Reserved. 2016


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