Technology has really disrupted so many businesses and photography has taken a knock with the selfie. Last year I took photos of my bookshelves and, inadvertently, may have cost a photographer work.

But on a wider scale, the selfie is much more unsettling.

One of the most popular books released this month is Selfish, a collection of self-portraits. It sold nearly 2000 copies in the first week. Quite an achievement, and from an author/photographer who previously broke the Internet, apparently. Superlative is the currency of such people.

Anyway, a book concept, if it may be called that, in which the subject is photographed in different states is truly Warholian: repetitive, banal and beyond normal egomania. Like Warhol, it almost needs to be spoken of in a high flat, somewhat vacant voice, uninflected, as if reciting foreign vocabulary and having no sense of what any of it means.

How the owners of this work like it, could be a micro-study. It’s to be hoped that the book has basic ‘how to use’ instructions: operations on opening and closing the book, booting-up and powering-off, turning the pages, and so on. Managing new technologies can be quite complicated for a neophyte.

If a book of selfies can turn a dollar it gives me an idea. It depends on brand confusion, that is, when a brand uses an idea or name that is vaguely similar to another well-known brand. It typically results in litigation with cease and desist orders because the opportunistic brand is selling in the same category as the dominant one.

There are no legal ramifications in my idea because my book will be 365 pictures of shellfish: oysters, crabs, mussels, lobster, that kind of thing. It’s not kosher – literally not – but there’s no comparison between a sunburned woman’s face and shrimp nestled on ice with lemon, parsley and tartar sauce. But if positioned well, buyers might snap it up.

©Copyright Guy Cranswick 2015. All Rights Reserved.


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