New book – The Hidden Bend

My novel, The Hidden Bend, will be published by Neverland Publishing Company, LLC.

The novel reflects on three lives and the individual struggles of each character, whether tragic, mundane, or even humorous, that are a part of life.

The Hidden Bend begins in an Asian city as dawn breaks on a new day: victory day, after a civil war. A young soldier lies asleep huddled on a verandah. While the city wakes, the battles and hardship he has endured with his comrades in the long war are all behind him. The new day is when his life starts.

Over the Atlantic, single mother Nastasiya is on a plane heading to New York but her excitement is tempered by nervousness. Her anxiety is more poignantly revealed – she is going to collect her daughter’s remains.

In the fog in the south of England, Piers, a successful businessman is driving his car too fast. Life is sedate and he drives recklessly to feel alive to feel experience again. His secretary reminds him of an evening appointment at an art gallery. That evening, at the gallery he is fascinated with the art, which surprises him, and when he meets the artist, he finds her intriguing and seductive.

The soldier, mother and the businessman are on the threshold of a new life, and each is as distinct as the life they knew before. From the first episode, their stories are told in their way, through their eyes, as they navigate the time they live in.
For the soldier it is to build a shattered society and return home, to find peace, and make a family, in the name of his country’s dignity.
For Nastasiya, the mother, it is heal her grief and salvage something of hope within the living and to claim a purpose even though the main reason for living has gone.
For the English businessman it is to answer an intuitive question, one that is too abstract to ask, one without a ready answer, but which is as basic as living through each day.

The novel will be available in early 2016 in print and electronic editions. Over the coming months I’ll be sharing more about the book, its background and the characters. There’ll be some developments online to coincide with the run up to the publication.

©Copyright Guy Cranswick 2015. All Rights Reserved.


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